"Maze Blocker Game" Browser Add-On

Move red block to the exit while avoiding random blockers.

This maze game is here to test your thinking skills and how fast you can react. To start, just click the maze icon in the top right of your browser.

Your job is to solve a new maze every time. You need move the red block from the top-left corner to touch the green block at the bottom-right. But be quick! You only get 20 seconds.

Each maze is different and made up on the spot, so it's always a surprise. Plus, there are 5 blue blocks that show up randomly. They try to stop your red block and make things tricky.

If you can get the red block to the green one in time, you win! If time runs out, don't worry. You can start over and try again.

Install from Chrome Web Store

Version: 0.1.2, released: 04/12/2024


Demo Video